Lucie B.

Interior Designer


According to Lucie, listening is the important step to build a living space and it will be the foundation to follow all along the process.

Furthermore, understanding and respecting the heritage are essential in the project. Thus, Lucie gives due attention to authenticity thanks to the contribution of pure lines, ergonomics and quality materials.

Her knowledge of Feng-Shui is an asset allowing her to harmonize the space by creating places where we simply feel at home.

In Lucie’s work you will find harmony, soft and pure lines, strong colour touch, creative ideas and subtle details.

All the ingredients needed for a pleasant, unique and humane project

Redevelopment and extension of a family home ground floor.
Development of the kitchen in the extension

Attics fitting into dressing rooms together with XVL.

Custom made bookshelves with led lighting. Natural oak veneer. Together with XVL.

Custom made wardrobe. Together with XVL.

A 1930s house renovation: open spaces for more brightness.

Mood board material: natural oak veneer, sisal and natural stone.

Complete development of the kitchen: custom made furniture concept, false ceiling and new tiles.

Interior decoration detail: household and bed linen.



Regardless of the size of your project, attention is focused
on quality and details.

Interior architecture often blends with decoration to achieve a homogeneous and refined ensemble.
Lucie also offers the support of custom-made carpentry, window coverings, and will select the best furniture and fabrics for each project.

Interior design

The interior design develops and realizes the space layout across the everyday life. It modifies or organizes spaces according to the habits and needs of its sponsor. The choice of materials, furnishings and light, leads to the end of the interior design by creating unique atmospheres and universes.
Interior design is suitable for private homes and also for shops, hotels, restaurants

Support and coordination can be done on the entire project or just for a specific mission.
The main phases are:
1-Making contact and establishing wishes
2-Simple preliminary draft
3-Detailed preliminary draft
4-Implementation project
5-Project supervision & reception


An interior design project regularly leads to the creation of carpentry custom made furniture. 

Each project is then studied, drawn and custom made. 
Each corner is then optimized. Kitchen, dressing room, bookshelf, bathroom furniture, panelling …

They create comfortable, ergonomic and personalized spaces.

window coverings

With the interior decoration, the window coverings are the last elements that finalize the layout. 

However, they are important to consider from the beginning of the works to either order concealed bodies or the electric ones.
The editor’s most beautiful fabrics will be proposed to dress or hide the windows of each living room. 

Whether it is for curtains, window covering, American blinds or custom made orders…
Everything is possible.



The Home Staging allows you to reveal the potential of your home and increase its attractiveness when a property is sold or rented.

Simple and efficient methods allow potential future buyers to project themselves within seconds.

Creative Process



“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”

-Coco Chanel-

About Lucie

It is with a Master’s degree in interior design specializing in heritage, obtained with a magna cum laude, that Lucie started working as a self-employed person.

Concurrently with various collaborations in the world of architecture, Lucie works on projects in her own behalf; she renovated a house in Brussels, drew plans for the extension of a detached house, set up a gym , and she advises many clients in their projects in Belgium but also in France…

Her last collaboration helped her to gain more knowledge in custom-made indoor carpentry, to take part in large-scale projects and to rub shoulders with well-known architects.

Trained in Feng-Shui since 2011, Lucie approaches each project with great attention.

She is a member of the AINB: “Association des Architectes d’Intérieur”.


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